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No back seat smooches for you. They’ve tried and failed at contacts- They gave them a go, but after all the fuss of infections and the amount of stuff needed to wear them- they gave up and went back their tried and trusted spectacles. And you’re a little bit thankful- the green goo in their eyes of a morning was not the most attractive of looks. If it’s hot out- And they get a little face sweat- they go from sexy secretary to clammy co-worker in a matter of minutes. Kissing can be interesting – The glasses often poke you in the eye mid-snog thus ruining the moment for you both. You’ve fantasised about them using their glasses as part of role play- Or perhaps your partner has fulfilled this wish already- either way- they look hot when they peek over the top of their frames. When they buy new ones- It can take hours.

Would you date someone who wore glasses?

There’s just something so endearing about a man who rocks a pair of glasses. He looks smart, attentive and a little bit nerdy. You can either take him as he is or move on. A guy in glasses always seems to be full of surprises. And he can likely back it up.

For those who are newly dating someone, this period can be a great time to regroup. Without the rose-colored glasses from the honeymoon.

Is there some secret behind why guys with glasses are so irresistible? Whether they have them to see or just as an added fashion accessory, there is something about these guys that makes girls tick. Guys with glasses have a certain air about them that attract women to their combination of book smarts and mysteriousness. They lure girls in with their innocence and then blow their minds like never before.

Not only are they easy to look at, but also have an above-average intellect to go along with it. So the ultimate question is: are guys with glasses the right types of guys to date or to stay away from? It may not be such a coincidence if all your previous boyfriends have worn glasses. We all have stereotypes in our minds about guys with glasses, which are positive more often than not, because they know how to live without caring what other people think about their appearance.

Nothing is classier in appearance than a guy with glasses. A guy with glasses knows what to do in every situation and does it with style. He is witty and knows what to say at the right time. Guys with glasses are more often than not very logical people with a penchant for thinking with their rational mind. They have nerdy passions, which is what attracts women to them the most.

There is now a dating site specifically for people who wear glasses and we’re already signed up

Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you! Think again

Or is that to ‘nerdayy’ for you? I would. I like guys with glasses.:D Im thinking about getting glasses instead of keeping my contacts.. but i dont think my face is.

The novel coronavirus has interrupted our lives in every way imaginable. Workplaces have gone remote, businesses have been closed, and social events have been postponed. For the foreseeable future, life is going to be wildly different. And in these strange times , romance will inevitably suffer—nothing kills the mood like a global pandemic. In-person dates are no longer a viable option. Those searching for the one or one night might have to wait a little longer.

And long-term couples are susceptible to the stir-crazy feeling that comes with interacting with only one person every day. While quarantine definitely limits romantic routines, it can actually be an enjoyable change of pace.

What Are The Effects Of Wearing Glasses On Style And Social Perception?

I wouldn’t mind : There’s more to a guy than the glasses he has on. They are. But I wouldn’t care. I think the thick circular ones look far worse.

I was once dating a guy who wore glasses, everytime we fooled around he’d always take his glasses off. Well one morning we woke up and I.

Channel Awesome, Inc. The site is best known for the comedic film review series Nostalgia Critic , starring Doug Walker. That Guy with the Glasses previously hosted fellow channels by Bar Fiesta , beginning in November , and Blistered Thumbs , beginning in November Channel Awesome currently hosts a YouTube channel of the same name with an emphasis on content produced by Doug Walker and his brother Rob.

After a series of scandals, nearly all affiliated creators severed ties with Channel Awesome and departed in April The three discussed the idea of such a company while still employed, but their dismissal was the impetus to put their plans into action. Michaud has stated that “if [they] didn’t lose our jobs, [the business] wouldn’t have happened anytime soon”. At around the same time, Doug Walker, an actor, comedian, writer, and film critic, began posting several satirical video reviews of films and other media on YouTube under the web name “Nostalgia Critic”.

Initially, Walker viewed making the videos as a side hobby, rarely interacting with his fans and not revealing his real name until a video responding to the Northern Illinois University shooting. Walker’s channel had its content withdrawn from YouTube following complaints from 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate over alleged copyright infringement. However, due to continuing issues, Walker decided to leave YouTube altogether and create the website That Guy with the Glasses , with Michaud acting as webmaster.

That Guy with the Glasses was launched in April

Ask That Guy With the Glasses

Have you ever thought about the guys with glasses and dating one of them? There are several reasons that girls easily feel for them, these guys are really charming and mysterious as well for girls always. Girls always fall immediately with the guy fall for mystery and smart looks, and this is what these guys with glasses have.

There’s just something so endearing about a man who rocks a pair of glasses. He looks smart, attentive and a little bit nerdy. He’s never.

These guys with glasses look quirky, intelligent, and just the right amount of nerdy that is just so unimposing and endearing. In fact, guys with glasses are walking contradictions. They surprise you in more ways than you can imagine. People tend to underestimate these four-eyed guys, but after spending time with them come away pleasantly surprised by their charm, warmth, and character. Guys with glasses will make you laugh at their wit and take you on an intellectual journey.

So whether our guys with glasses are as mysterious and brooding as Mr. Thanks to glasses, you can see into the quirks and personalities of guys. From wayfarers, gold-rimmed, plastic, to round frames, you can easily know what to expect from a guy by their choice of glasses. Plus, you can find yourself pleasantly surprised, and aroused, when you remove the glasses and find a pair of sexy eyes behind the bifocals. Come on—glasses are to men what hair is to women. You can use both to flirt.

You can take them off, put the temples between your teeth, lower them to your nose, push them up closer to your eyes, push them up on your head. Guys with glasses can take home a girl with just this one secret weapon. Of course.

Do Girls Like Men With Glasses?

But plenty of people are meeting someone they actually like online. And how long should you chat before meeting? Here, six people share how their online chat with their partner began, and Bernie and Wajeeha Amin, a counsellor and relationship coach, give their verdict on the opening lines that sealed the deal.

He might be Clark Kent.

You might be looking in the mirror, trying to brush your hair just right, making sure your beard is well trimmed, and spraying just a dab of cologne – what you might not be thinking of is glasses. In the past, it was a common stereotype for guys who wear glasses to be perceived as geeky, nerdy, or weak. But nowadays, a pair of glasses can be a strong fashion accessory to complete your Valentine’s Day look and woo your date.

There have been multiple studies done showing that people who wear glasses are considered more honest and trustworthy – two great traits to show off to your date! A poll at EyeCandy Optical showed that nearly half of women would be thrilled if a guy was sporting a trendy pair of glasses when showing up to a blind date. Indeed, when combined with the right face and clothes, a pair of spectacles can accentuate your best dimensions.

Do glasses affect our love life?

You’ve heard it before if you wear glasses. You may have heard some less flattering variations on the theme, too, especially in school. Kids can be cruel. But is there any truth to it? Let’s start with the most common assumption: glasses make you look smarter. There’s been a decent amount of research done over the years, and the studies overwhelmingly come in positive on that one.

Dating a guy with glasses might surprise you. It’s like going on a date with a shy gentleman and getting under the sheets with a genuine stud. Guys with glasses.

Love them or hate them, glasses abound in Singapore. In addition, the microblogging platform Tumblr is filled with sites dedicated to appreciation of spectacles. Not surprisingly, many stars look equally gorgeous while donning a pair of fashionable spectacles. Separate research also suggested that males who wear spectacles were viewed as more feminine. The popular forum site, Reddit, receives a plethora of threads about users lamenting how awful they look with specs.

According to these posts, people tend to feel unattractive, less confident, and less fashionable.

Tinder models get less right swipes with glasses

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Somebody had started a thread about having your partner see you naked in the light or something along those lines , and that just triggered a memory for me I was once dating a guy who wore glasses, everytime we fooled around he’d always take his glasses off. Well one morning we woke up and I was wearing a teddy which I’d never worn for him before that and we started fooling around, I got on top with the lingerie still on and he reached for his glasses and put them on.

Spex, is the new dating website made just for all you glasses to a non-glasses wearing person, who just doesn’t get the struggles that come.

Image Source: Remember how in school everyone used to make fun of the kid with glasses? And how you knew your vision was getting worse and you could not see what the teacher is writing on the board, but you did not want to be the victim of bad remarks, so you kept your mouth shut until the situation were unbearable? Well, we are glad to say that these days are long gone. Glasses are an extremely sexy and trendy accessory. After all, thousands of hipsters around the world wear them without even having the need to do so!

We hope that none of you are that immature that they would turn down a guy just because he are wearing glasses. If you still have some prejudice against this accessory, take a look at our list of reasons why guys who wear glasses are so great!

8 Reasons Why Women Get Attracted to Men with Glasses

It was in college when I got glasses and I hated to wear them until it was noticed that the girls were more comfortable with me than ever before. It made me wonder if the girls liked the men with glasses? So I did a little research to come up with some interesting findings. So, Do girls like men with glasses?

3D Movies are not much fun- They have to put their 3D specs on top of their normal glasses, which is a bit of an arse. No back seat smooches for.

Please refresh the page and retry. S o it really is true – men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses. Or to bring Dorothy Parker’s aphorism up to date for the more egalitarian digital age – men and women seldom swipe the online dating profiles of girls and boys who wear glasses. A study by the online dating app Tinder has found that wearing glasses can reduce your chances of a right swipe – indicating approval – by 12 per cent.

D ating expert Dr Jessica Carbino, who studied the findings for Tinder, said it showed that being able to see the eyes of a potential partner was crucial in whether we are attracted to them or not. T he study found that individuals are 14 per cent more likely to get a swipe of approval if they are smiling with their teeth showing and that people who wear colours, rather than navy, beige, black or grey, stand a better chance of making a good impression.

Individuals who ask a question are pretty successful because they providing an easy way to start talking.


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